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Silver, I., & Shaw, A. (2018). No Harm, Still Foul: Concerns About Reputation Drive Dislike of Harmless Plagiarizers. Cognitive Science, 42, 213 PDF

Silver, I., & Shaw, A. (2018). Pint-sized public relations: The development of reputation management. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 22, 277-279. PDF

Selected press coverage: TIME, CBS News

Strickland, B., Silver, I., & Keil, F. C. (2017). The texture of causal construals: Domain-specific biases shape causal inferences from discourse. Memory & Cognition45, 442-455. PDF

In Prep

Berry, Z., Silver, I., & Shaw, A. When to believe an enemy more than a friend: How social alliances impact credibility. 

Kelly, B., Silver, I., & Small, D. The first mover authenticity advantage: Order entry signals purity of motive. 

Silver, I. & Silverman, J.* The Risky Samaritan. 

* Equal first-authorship

Selected Work In Progress

Silver, I. & Small, D. The Psychology of Dares and Public Challenges. Data collection in progress. 

Silver, I. & Mellers, B. The Folly of Teams. Data collection in progress. 

Silver, I., Shaw, A., & Kurzban, R. The Costs of Political Neutrality. Data collection in progress. 

Silver, I. & Levine, E. Favoritism yields a reward for bad behavior. Data collection in progress.